Boiler Inspection And Survey

BOILERMAN provides turnkey repair, maintenance, upgrade and conversion of various types of auxiliary and exhaust gas boilers. We have accomplished hundreds of boiler repairs of various makes and sizes. Our database of boiler and heating systems drawings hold the manufacturing drawings for more than 500 boilers.

BOILERMAN operates 24/7 and we tailor our work process together with each customer to ensure a smooth cooperation.

Inspection is to be carried out by specialists at short notice to have a clear overview of the boiler sys and Assessment report is to be made in written to propose suitable service/repair options to customers.

Technical Engineering on design and thermal/mechanical calculations is very important in order to make sure Class accepts the repair proposal prior to start of the repairs.

Prefabrication of pressure parts / components in workshop and sourcing of materials / spare parts should be on time to prevent possible delay of job on site. Enough class certified materials and spares in stock are very helpful when emergent repairs occur.

Job execution during voyage or in harbor requires careful preparation of tools / gear and mobilization of skilled technicians to ensure the entire repair workmanship and welding procedures are carefully fulfilled.

Inspection / Assessment, Tech Engineering, Workshop Prefabrication, Job Execution are the four-step processes for a turnkey repair or conversion job. Alternatively each step can also stand alone when needed.


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